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BloggingBazaar is a Punjabi Blogging website where we will post content related to Punjabi Poetry, Punjabi Shayari, etc. 

Our Vision to launch Punjabi Blog

I have realized that we as Punjabi’s are forgetting our mother tongue. Even in a Punjabi family, our children like to speak in Hindi and English and we also try our best that our child learns any other language, as he/she wants but must not speak Punjabi. If we speak or write Punjabi, we think about ourselves that we are small In personality.

Learning different languages ​​is also an art, but along with this we must understand the importance of Punjabi language.

Reason for starting a blog in Punjabi

The only reason I started a blog in Punjabi is that I want to stay connected with Punjabi language and also I will get a chance to speak, read and write Punjabi. Perhaps in the same way I can do some service to my mother tongue.

I am neither a writer nor a poet, but I was inspired to write in Punjabi by reading and listening to Dr. Narender Singh Kapoor Ji’s books. I sincerely thank Dr. Narender Singh Kapur ji, for writing so beautifully, after reading them my way of living has changed.

If you have any query, feedback, you can submit at – info@bloggingbazaar.net.

Thanks to all of you for being the part of this website.

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