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Nowadays, even if we do not look closely, it becomes clear that the penetration of our mother tongue which was there before is now getting less and less. The disrespect for mother tongue is increasing and this disrespect cannot be denied. Because nowadays we prefer the Punjabi language over the other languages. That reflects our small mindset. Every language has its own place. Learning different languages is very important in today’s world where the whole earth is like a house. But what is the point of forgetting one’s mother tongue while giving importance to other languages? Seeing all this, sometimes I become very sad. That’s why Blogging Bazaar came up with the idea of starting this Punjabi Blogging Website .

Topics included in this Punjabi Blogging site( Punjabi Poetry, Punjabi Songs, Punjabi Shayari, etc.)

In which all the blogs in Punjabi, which also include Punjabi Poetry Blog, Punjabi Shayari, etc. My blogs also talk about Future Carrier Options, Health Care, Politics, Punjabi Poetry Blog, Sufi Kaav, Great Personality, Punjabi Breaking News In Punjabi, Punjabi Songs, Class Of Punjabi, Dr. Writing on B.R.Ambedkar and many more topics

Inspiration to start this Punjabi Blogging Website

This is a short initiative from my side so that the Punjabi language can be further spread. I was inspired to write all this by reading the books of Dr. Narinder Singh Kapoor. And I hope you all like these blogs and appreciate my efforts, which will inspire me to write further content like this in the future. In which I will include Punjabi Poetry, Punjabi Shayari, Recipes in Punjabi, etc.

Thank you.


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